E. Votsi, D. Roussos, I. Katsikis, A. Karkanaki, M. Kita, D. Panidis


This retracts the article: Votsi E, Roussos D, Katsikis I, Karkanaki A, Kita M, Panidis D. Kisspeptins: a multifunctional peptide system with a role in reproduction, cancer and the cardiovascular system. Hippokratia 2008;12: 205-210. The Editorial Board of Hippokratia journal regrets to inform its readership that plagiarism was documented in the above named paper. A letter dated 17.12.08 was received from Prof D. Panidis, corresponding author of the above article. In his letter Prof Panidis is asking for the retraction of the article because as he states ?the title as well as some paragraphs of the text have been copied verbatim from an earlier review article with the same title in The British Journal of Pharmacology, 2007; 151: 1143-1153?. In addition to his letter, all authors have signed a statement agreeing to the retraction of this article, which is on file at Hippokratia Journal.

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